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Backup data securely and recover simply. IFB don’t just take care of your data, we take care of your worries too.

Tackle the data challenges that lie ahead for your business


The focus on data protection is simply going to rise. Gartner predicts that the volume of data produced is going to rise by 800% over the next 5 years. Information is one of the key components to a successful business; ensuring your data is secure, backed up responsibly and available when you need it is fundamental.

IFB provides a highly secure, flexible and resilient backup and recovery service, designed using industry-leading software and hardware. Your critical business data is secure and managed to comply with the most stringent of standards as well as being available when you need it.

The reputational risk of sensitive information being circulated widely or falling into the wrong hands can cripple the reputation of a company. Invest wisely in data protection and review your current procedure to ensure you're guaranteed the high-end security, which is a prerequisite in modern times.

The Process

Once the software is installed, information is backed up automatically. Each piece of equipment connects securely to our backup network, hosted within our Data Centre, and your data is backed up to disc where it’s held for one month allowing for fast access.  

This data is then backed up to tape on a daily basis and retained for 12 months in a certified third party location – basically, your backup is even backed up! If you need to recover data, you can do so through our secure web portal.

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All you need to know about data backup and recovery:

  • Simplified compliance: once installed backup is automatic
  • Stored securely in IFB's Data Centre
  • 24/7 availability through secure web portal
  • Fully monitored by IFB

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