A resilient, secure environment for your servers and storage

Since 2001, IFB’s Data Centre has been home to many key business systems and applications. We take pride in the fact that we have had 100% uptime on our core services during the entire time – meaning no outages.

Flexible hosting options to meet your business requirements


IFB understands that maintaining equipment and investing in the right environment to host your data can be expensive and time consuming. So, we have invested in a facility designed to offer “always on” services, so you don’t have to.

We operate our purpose built, resilient Data Centre to the highest possible levels of performance, always.

If you think of our Data Centre as a 5 star hotel for servers and hardware then you are starting to get the picture.

We provide flexible hosting options, tailored to your requirements. Whether you need to simply host a website or require all, or a proportion of your servers to be hosted off-site, IFB can provide the right service for your business requirements.

Hosting services are supported by our expert technical team who will take care of installation, routine maintenance and support needs – what we call our ‘Intelligent Hands’.

Which IFB Hosting package is right for your business?

  • Purpose built, resilient Data Centre
  • 100% uptime on our core services since 2001
  • Flexible rack options
  • Intelligent hands support

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