Get Connected. Stay Connected.

Fed up with confusing broadband choices and misleading speed claims? Us too. That’s why we’ve made broadband simple. We tell you how fast your connection can be and then we install it. Simple.

Connecting to the Internet couldn’t be simpler or faster.


IFB offers a straightforward pricing structure and its business packages avoid restrictive download caps and penalties – what we quote is what you pay.


Boost your business with the power of Velocity, IFB’s Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC) Broadband package.

Twice as fast as Business BroadbandPlus, IFB Velocity Broadband has a connection speed of up to 80Mbps download and up to 20Mbps upload. Plus we can guarantee a minimum of 16Mbps for 90% of the busiest 3 hour period of the day.

How can it be twice as fast as broadband? Velocity is run through fibre instead of copper. Fibre does not lose signal or degrade the way copper does. This service offers fibre all the way to the cabinet in your street...hence the name Fibre To The Cabinet!

IFB SafeMail

IFB SafeMail is our in-house spam and virus service. It can reduce spam and virus threats - leaving you free to get on with business. SafeMail will intercept all spam on the customer’s network before it ever reaches the end user.
Over 100,000 end users use IFB SafeMail.

You have total control over how you manage IFB SafeMail within your business through IFB Manager.

  • No need to purchase any new hardware or software
  • Manage and control the system to meet your business needs
  • Easily add or remove addresses that are covered, block individual addresses, whitelist, quarantine or delete emails

  • Hassle free and quick installation period
  • Can provide download speeds of 2Mbps – 80 Mbps dependant on location
  • Simple, straight-forward pricing structure

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