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Aberdeen businesses prepare for digital revolution with IFB and the Aberdeen CORE

23 April 2015


Big names from the Aberdeen business community have thrown their weight behind the dedicated state-of-the-art pure fibre network that will provide access to some of the fastest internet connectivity in the world. Construction of the Aberdeen CORE network is well underway, with the first customers due to be connected in May through service provider Internet For Business (IFB). Over 250 businesses from the financial, education, retail, oil and gas sectors have registered their interest in accessing ultra-fast internet connectivity over the CORE. Stuart Clarkson, managing director of Aberdeen’s newest bar venue, So, in Union Street is delighted to be one of the first in the city to connect and offer ultra-fast wifi to his customers. He said: “We want our venues to be the best connected in Aberdeen. Customers these days have come to expect to be able to access their emails and browse the internet over their lunch, or check in to social media when socialising with friends. “Soon our customers will be able to get online and browse more easily and efficiently than ever before and we are excited to see their response.  We will also be rolling the Aberdeen CORE out to our other venue, Soul bar, in due course.” In addition to connectivity, the network will enable off-site data backup, hosted voice, cloud access and faster connection to national and international networks. John Clark Motor Group IT Manager Stewart Herd was among the first to sign up, having recognised that faster connections between sites and improved IT efficiency is crucial in the car sales, leasing and servicing sector. Stewart foresees the faster systems not only making it easier for business, but also bringing benefits for customers. He said: “The ultra-fast network will mean we can process customer orders quickly and efficiently and provide better customer service. “For example, our team members can now use online video with customers, showing them vehicles in more detail rather than just static images. We can also use video in aftersales – showing work required on vehicles in the workshop for the customer to authorise digitally.” John Clark will have managed lines between sites and to the internet, so they have a reliable communications link between their showrooms and a Gigabit line back to IFB’s Data Centre. Aberdeen-based charity, Cornerstone, is also looking forward to the benefits that will be delivered by Aberdeen CORE – helping them provide services for people with disabilities and support needs. Cornerstone’s systems manager John Cameron says: “As a charity organisation that need to justify every penny, it’s a fantastic opportunity to access world class connectivity at a reasonable price. “The high speed link will allow us to take full advantage of VOIP Telephony which will vastly improve communications throughout our organisation.” By being part of the Aberdeen CORE network, Cornerstone will have the fastest possible link to their hosted environment in IFB’s Data Centre. Trinity International Services is an off-shore catering company with headquarters in Bon Accord Square Aberdeen and offices worldwide. As a global operation working round the clock, they depend on reliable 24/7 internet connectivity to communicate with off-shore customers and their international offices. Trinity International Services director, Christopher MacBride, says: “We wouldn’t consider missing out on this – the need for higher speed is forever increasing with more data being shared via the Internet, so upgrading the fibre link is greatly needed. “It’s a competitive climate and we need to make sure we’re one step ahead of our competitors, both at home and abroad.” Improved IT efficiency could be as much as 100 times faster than existing networks for some businesses, according to Graeme Gordon, CEO of IFB. Graeme says, “With the first phase of the network now underway, we are on our way to delivering world-class standards in digital infrastructure to Aberdeen. “There’s been a fantastic response from local businesses, who as a result of being part of Aberdeen CORE, will be well positioned to take full advantage of all the benefits that Gigabit technology will bring. “By drawing services together over the network, we can facilitate growth and innovation, allowing businesses to maintain the highest performance, efficiency and reliability.” Other firms can join the technology revolution and influence the demand-led route of Aberdeen CORE by registering their interest at There is also a video outlining what the CORE network will mean for business, with words from some of those who have already signed up. Watch our video

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