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Act don’t react on the digital challenges: Embrace innovative solutions into your business

5 December 2014


At any time of day, on any day of the year, the world is doing business.  So, with clients working around the globe, Internet for Business responds to this. Its mission is to ensure that wherever and whenever a client needs to work, they can relax knowing that they have excellent digital connectivity, peerless security, and secure data storage.

The Aberdeen-headquartered Internet For Business (IFB) is well named.  Although technology and connectivity are part of all our lives, the distinction is an important one. The digital needs of a business are something that allows it to do more than simply function. It allows an ambitious company to reach out to the world and plan in a more expansive way.

One of the reasons that IFB understands this so well is that the company has shown that dynamic growth. “We recognise the need of being proactive in offering innovations to clients, as opposed to reacting once the technology is mainstream,” says IFB’s CEO Graeme Gordon.

IFB also works closely with clients to tailor services to particular ambitions.  This is equally true whether the clients are on the doorstep or across the world.  Location and reputation means IFB has many oil and gas clients. This has prompted the next stage of expansion plans – strategically placed bases in Norway and Houston, Texas. There’s now also a presence in Edinburgh and Glasgow, plus significant business with companies south of the border.

From its inception in 1996, IFB has offered services that mean companies can carry on with their day to-day tasks without worrying about the digital aspect. Once IFB has delivered the right services and support, a company can be confident that it can work efficiently until IFB identifies an upgrade will improve efficiency further.

Responding to the fact that we are increasingly working on the move, IFB’s Cloud can allow individuals to be productive when they are far from an office-based PC. It also provides greater flexibility so work can be done at home, on the move, or while away on business. “We recognise that some people have concerns about cyber security and we’ve made this one of the cornerstones of our Cloud service, along with accessibility and reliability,” adds Mr Gordon. He continues: “Ensuring that data is backed up is vital and IFB is responding to the increased focus on protection of that data and making sure it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. Our backup and recovery services are built to deal with those challenges but a balance has been achieved, ensuring that the flexibility is retained and data is accessible when it is needed.”

This element of accessibility and reliability is vital as global businesses operate in several time zones. Keeping communication running smoothly is something that no business can take for granted. IFB can work with a business to create a recovery plan. This links into the 52-seat Workplace Recovery Suite, which works around the clock to make sure that in the event of a crisis, it will have the business running again quickly, with access to all critical IT systems and data.

The importance that IFB places on data has prompted substantial investment in another data storage facility in Aberdeen. This is forward thinking, knowing that the demand from clients can only increase.

This global reach also means providing a strong networking service to connect multiple offices. Every business has specific needs but IFB can discuss those and design a network that will best serve the requirements. It can then deliver that network, allowing multiple sites to access files over high-speed connections.

Along with internet connectivity, IFB can also design an individual telephony system, with a choice of services to suit particular business needs. Its impressive track record on innovation in internet services has resulted in high-profile partnerships.

As well as being selected as a preferred supplier for the government’s SuperConnected Cities initiative, it has gone a step further, offering a unique package that makes application simple for the client, with the background forms already completed. IFB is also working with CityFibre to make Aberdeen Scotland’s only Gigabit City. This is part of a UK-wide Gigabit City programme that includes Coventry, York and Peterborough and will establish Aberdeen as Scotland’s best digitally connected city. “The pure fibre optic infrastructure will transform the city’s connectivity and allow businesses to function and work more productively, stimulate growth and inward investment.” anticipates Mr Gordon.

The digital world is ever-changing and shifting and will continue to do so. Business need a level of stability, however, and IFB provides that. “More than three-quarters of our clients have been with us for more than five years,” Graeme Gordon reports. This retention rate becomes more impressive when that number of clients is in excess of 1300 in the UK alone. The top 20 clients have a global turnover of more than $30 billion. There are also many SMEs, many of which have chosen the IFB package to help growth and ensure that as they expand, the digital services can expand with minimal disruption.

IFB knows that having its own people to design the services, put those into practice and provide the support is crucial to clients, with an impressive aim is to respond to all queries within four working hours and resolve within one working day. IFB identifies, creates, delivers and supports the digital solutions that allow businesses to thrive rather than just survive.

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