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Bandwidth vs Bandgirth: It’s not how much connectivity you have, its what you do with it!

13 February 2015


I got a few raised eyebrows about using the above term at the recent INCA event in Aberdeen but it is a term I have used for a while. The statement is about getting you thinking not about how much connectivity you have now but what you do with it, and as importantly what you need it to do in to the future. The latter is always difficult. As Mark Collins of CityFibre said at the same conference, we have very little idea of how much bandwidth we will need and what we will be using it for in 5-10 years’ time, but the fact is we will need more as we will be doing more digitally.

We have had some great coverage about our Gigabit City initiative in partnership with CityFibre; the Aberdeen CORE. This brand new network is a pure fibre connection back to IFB and the services we provide from our Data Centres. You can of course also use it to connect your individual sites together.

All very cool and sounds ultrafast, however during the launch we have had some conversations around the fact that you can already get Gigabit connectivity in Aberdeen. Of course we know this as we have been doing just this for over two decades for ourselves and for our clients.

So why the big fuss about The Aberdeen CORE?

The Aberdeen CORE is different in that it provides a brand new fibre network which doesn’t touch any other current network in the City, it is a new dig, new ducts, new fibre, and new connection in to your building. Additionally while we offer service speeds for internet access from 10Mbit/s to ensure that you benefit from this service at a low costs commitment, the fibre itself is Gigabit by default.

Even more exciting is the fact that the same fibre can be opened up at any time to provide you with symmetrical multi-Gigabit speeds well beyond what is easily available right now from almost any other provider in the city.

What does this all really mean for you?

You of course know that you are having to produce, deal with, store and archive more and more data, you don’t need me for that. Also there are a huge amount of online references about how data is growing, it wouldn’t be a blog unless I referred to these and one I like from CSC states that

“By 2020 a third of your data will be hosted on the cloud and that data production will be 44 times greater than it is now”.

So with a better, future proofed connectivity you can push the same data that you have now around much more efficiently and quickly and at the same time plan and accommodate for the greater demands which are really just round the corner.

Watch our AberdeenCORE video and hear from selection of customers who have already signed up.

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