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Blog: IFB’s Take on the Technology Trends 2014

21 January 2014

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A few things I took from a recent ScotlandIS ‘Gartners Top 10 technology predictions of 2014’ event; firstly; 3D printers can print a functioning replica of a human liver and the  job of the future is going to be a data scientist and soon wearable technology will become…wearable!

But more importantly the Digital Industrial Revolution is upon us.  Sounds a bit daunting and scary perhaps, but it shouldn’t.  It should be exciting and seen as an opportunity to grow, develop and be more efficient and effective in the way we do things.  In the same way the Industrial Revolution changed the way business operated in the 18th Centaury, Technology is doing the same today.

The key areas this is happening is 3D printing, smart machines and the internet of things.  Advances in all of these areas has the potential to completely change the way many processes are carried out, both in our personal life and enhance competitive advances in business.

An example of the Internet of Things taking off is Google buying Nest.  With the Internet of Things, Google can now monitor homeowners (who own a Nest) behaviours and routines.  When combined with the data Google could access on each of its customers…will Google know us better than we know ourselves and will they be able to offer us things that we don’t  even know that we need or want?! The power of the data gathered and what it can be used for is huge.


 So, where does IT fit?

IT is effecting everyone and everything, we are all being “splashed” by IT was the phrase used. Which is true: think about how much we rely on technology in our working and personal life. I don’t know about you, but I rely on my iPhone for more and more things and when I am without it for longer than a morning, I feel like I’ve lost a limb! In work, so many more business functions are relying on the IT function; accounting, marketing, sales, HR – all of these departments are looking to IT for smarter, more effective ways of doing their jobs.

The IT department is becoming a facilitator not a dictator.  IT is enabling companies to do bigger and better things, rather than just saying “No” all the time. And it is our job to support our customers in being able to execute these bigger and better things.

How do we do that?

We are at the cusp of technology doing extraordinary things and facilitating a huge step change in the way we carry out tasks, how we make decisions and what we use to make these decisions.  Therefore all this additional data that is needed to make this happen, will have to be stored somewhere and transferred safely, securely and speedily.

And that is where we come in!

It is our job to ensure the data required to make all these exciting new things happen is kept safe, secure and available when it is needed. That will be our contribution to the Digital Industrial Revolution.


Laura Walker; Marketing Co-ordinator, IFB

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