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Businesses Urged to Take Action On New Web Domain

27 May 2014

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Businesses are being urged to take action now to register a new variation of their web domain name or risk losing control of their web presence. From 10 June 2014 all businesses that have a web domain ending in,,,, or will have the opportunity to change to the shorter .uk or use it as an addition to the current domain name.  Leading Scottish IT service provider Internet For Business (IFB) recommends that businesses don’t put this off as the shorter .uk will only be reserved until June 2019.

Graeme Gordon, CEO of IFB, says, “On June 10th this year registration will be open for the new .uk domain.  This will be automatically reserved for those with an existing unique registered .uk domain, for example- or  However if you do not register the rights to the shorter .uk version by 2019, then it will be released to the public for anyone to purchase.

“It’s important for businesses to register all variations of their domain (if possible) to ensure that its name is not compromised. It will also help direct visitors to the correct website if they type in the wrong address, for example can be diverted to This would make sure that all traffic comes to the right address.”

In certain cases there may be shared website names with different domain endings ( and In this instance you must check whether you have the rights to the .uk domain. Domain rights can be checked via the Nominet rights checker tool at

Graeme adds, “The introduction of .uk means that businesses will have greater control over their online presence. The aim of .uk is to put all emphasis on the business name and to create a shorter, more memorable web address.

“If you decide not to register the new .uk equivalent domain, it will become available for any other business to register from June 2019. But of course your original domain will still exist as long as you continue to renew the registration as normal.”

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