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Case Study: Network Connectivity is the Driving Force Behind Success

26 March 2014

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You may not think that sports cars and network connectivity have much in common, but as John Clark Motor Group discovered, their IT service needs to be as reliable, cost effective and capable of travelling at super-fast speeds as their cars do.

John Clark Motor Group began working with internet service provider Internet for Business (IFB) in 1999. With 21 sites and over 900 members of staff they have a crucial requirement for a fast network that would allow multi-site connectivity.

The company sold in excess of 15,562 cars last year across all of its showrooms- and that’s a lot of data to process, as Stewart Herd group IT manager at John Clark explains, “It’s really important for us to be able to share information and transfer data quickly between our core data centre in Aberdeen and our remote manufacturer and partner networks.  It underpins our whole business and without it we wouldn’t be able to offer our customers our first class service.

“IFB provides us with multi-site network connectivity through a mixture of leased, fixed and analogue lines and broadband services. These services are crucial for bringing stability and speed to our network and therefore allowing us to provide up to date information to customers and colleagues.

“We have thousands of cars for sale of every age, engine size and colour you can think of. All of this information needs to be readily available across our offices, because we need to match the right car to a customers’ specifications. Therefore we need to know the availability of stock quickly and efficiently. And if we don’t have the right vehicle in stock we need to know that we can easily order from our manufactures, and be kept updated on the status of our orders. Without a reliable network connection we would not be able to offer the same level of service, and that is really important to us and of course, our customers. We would not be able to do this as efficiently without the support of our IT provider.

“We are able to transfer information quickly and easily, without any connectivity problems such as drops in speed or gaps in service. And because IFB is able to provide a great service and dedicated account manager we know any queries will be solved quickly from start to finish. IFB also focuses on networking products so we know that their staff have a much higher level of expertise than other companies.”

Graeme Gordon, CEO of IFB says, “We have worked with John Clark Motor Group for a number of years are delighted to provide our services to them so they can drive their business forward.  All companies have a requirement for a reliable and instant network connection, but when you are dealing with multiple customers every day with very specific requirements, you need to know your service is reliable.  We take network connectivity very seriously, so we’re more than happy to offer our advice and services so that we could meet our client’s needs and expectations, and keep their customers on the road.”

John Clark Motor Group is a family run and owned business which proudly represents well-known automotive brands across Scotland. The business was first started over 35 years ago by current Chief Executive, John Clark, with a single sports car dealership and today the business has grown to 21 businesses and employs over 900 members of staff. For more information visit

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