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Dev/ test/ wear/ repeat

20 October 2014

Do you want to be involved in Scotland’s first wearable tech developers group?  If yes, then you have come to the right place!


Is this group for me?

Dev/test/wear/repeat is being set up to accelerate the real world learning, application and usage of wearable technologies, initially eyewear but incorporating a much wider spectrum of devices as we grow, in specific market sectors but importantly where this learning and development could be used in also most any sector.

In each area we will be developing for our initial three devices will be immersive (Oculus), heads up (Glass) and telepresence (XOEye) which offer similar but also very different users experiences in terms of data presentation and interaction.

Why are IFB interested in Wearable Technology?

The team at IFB are always interested in what is going in the world of technology; whether its the latest gadget, report or programme.  It’s such an interesting time for the industry, with new developments and technologies with the potential for major step changes in various industries and consumer markets.

IFB has always been about securely enabling you business data between the users and devices that create and or need it through to the data management systems and platforms. We always focused on securely and reliably pushing your data between these points anywhere your data was needed.

We are continuing to develop our in depth understanding of Energy, Public sector, Health and Caring, and Retail and our first projects will develop to a pilot stage in each of these sectors based on real world real user needs, we are currently developing the first true eyewear usage on an oil platform in the North Sea.

Get Involved

dev/test/wear/repeat is now looking for interested parties to get involved with our core group to create a strong development cluster here in Aberdeen which will provide access to key and relevant hardware, software and platforms in line with the key and developing objectives. This places Aberdeen and the supporting community on the global map for wearable technology innovation and success.

The where and when of the meet-up will be decided when we have an idea on numbers.  One things that is a certain is pizza and beer will also be supplied!



or email for further details.


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