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Event: Data is everyones business

15 January 2014

IFB’s CEO, Graeme Gordon to speak at IoD event in Aberdeen
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Digital technologies may seem to be the domain of IT specialists but Graeme Gordon, CEO of IFB, will demonstrate the importance of understanding how new technologies can translate into real benefits for your business.

IT can use a language that seems, at times, designed just to confuse. The explosion of ‘IT buzz words’ such as Big Data, Cloud and BYOD can make it difficult to decide what is latest fad and what can deliver real benefits to your business.  Do you have ultimate sign off or accountability for technology investment, but are traditionally more experienced in running and developing the business?  Then join Graeme Gordon, CEO of IFB to understand how IT can deliver real benefits to your business beyond just bits and bytes, without the requirement of a computing degree.

Graeme prides himself of having an in-depth understanding of the effects of Digital Technologies and how to translate these to real benefits for real businesses.  In his seventeen years with IFB, Graeme has been a key driver behind the growth and development of the organisation.  Graeme is central to the continued development of IFB’s service offering in response to both Customer and Market demand.  He has spearheaded many diverse projects including the development of pre-PDA location based applications, design and implementation of city-wide Wi-Fi, creation of distance learning software for further education and the design and commercialisation of IFB’s own UK network infrastructure.

Public speaking and presenting has always been a welcome and satisfying challenge for Graeme and he has been fortunate enough to have spoken at a number of industry events including ScotlandIS Scotsoft 2013, NextGen Digital Scotland Conference 2013, the British Chambers Conference in London and IPEXPO 2011.

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