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Blog: Has Green IT gone away or just changed address?

18 June 2013

IT services have nearly all reduced in cost over the last 20 years. PC’s laptops, consumables, bandwidth, software, servers in real terms and also pound for TeraByte or Mbit/s or CPU are all significantly cheaper.  Today you can pick up and plug in 1TeraByte of storage, enough for 2000 filing cabinets of digitised documents, for less than £100, back then if you could find it and had somewhere to plug it in it would have cost you closer to £1,000,000.



Full filing cabinet


One vital component has not followed this trend. It is one that is not manufacturer or vendor specific or will change with a good marketing slogan but one you need more than IT itself. Since the early 90’s power costs in the UK have risen, roughly on the figures we can find, by at least 150%. Just as concerning is that all the data we see predicts an further 40-50% rise in the next 5 years, possibly much higher once the true costs of building and integrating renewable sources in to the grid.

These rising costs along with tax and security of supply implications in power alone can make a compelling case for outsourcing key elements of your IT.




In our newest data centre with the most efficient design, management tools and processes we will consume between 6 and 10MW, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. For every £1 we spend on powering the IT equipment we only add about 10-15 pence to run the environment it lives in. The UK average for owner operated data centres, like the room you have somewhere in your organisation, is 80p for every £1 spent (The Uptime Institute).

IFB can operate our environment much more efficiently than a smaller, usually less resilient server room somewhere within your organisation. The key factor to us is being able to securely aggregating the services you consume.

This is where Cloud comes in, relying on experts to cost effectively, securely and reliably deliver service through the aggregation and assembly of the required and desired infrastructure needed by you the customer.

This is how we all have been consuming power for a long time. We are not really concerned with how it gets to us or where it comes from just as long as it works when we need it.

IFB cloud


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