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ICT Leaders 2016 – Tough Times Call for Smart Measures

29 March 2016

The Oil & Gas ICT Leader conference was at the AECC and not only were we in attendance, but CEO Graeme Gordon was hosting two breakout sessions and announced an exciting, new collaborative effort by developed by the team at IFB.

Hosted by Scot-Tech Engagement with support from Scottish Enterprise, Robert Gordon University & ScotlandIS the event was designed around breakout and open discussion sessions by leading industry providers.

We live streamed one of our Breakout Sessions, you can replay here:

None to surprising, a main point of discussion we noted revolved around the expectation to innovate against the pressure to cut costs given the commercial challenges in todays climate. This was the main focus of our own involvement and what we came to the conference to announce.

In one of our breakout sessions “Tough Times Call for Smart Measures”, our GEO Graeme Gordon talked through this landscape, the hidden costs and how to approach infrastructure cost analysis clearly and safely.

“We are building these tools as we recognise the need to work openly together.”

– Graeme Gordon, CEO of IFB

We see these challenges and recognise that key to supporting individuals and business is through an open approach to knowledge and collaboration.

It’s for this reason that we announced we will be launching a new, online tool to support true cost analysis of IT infrastructure, sense check value and assist you in making sound decisions with your infrastructure and budget.

This free tool will provide you a quick and clear cost analysis along with our own feedback on how efficient your spend is against your true requirement.

Tough times do indeed call for smart measures. So let’s be smart together.

Open to everyone and is available for early registration today:

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