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Blog: Whats the Big Deal about Big Data?

4 March 2013


Like many businesses we follow the story of Big Data and what it means to us and our clients.  With a massive increase in volume, velocity and variety of data it is more important now than ever before, to ensure we provide our clients with a secure, safe and resilient environment to store data.

Do I actually need all this data?

Not all data generated has the same value, or even needs to be retained for any period of time. We think that the massive predictions which are giving rise to the term ‘Big Data’ are, in some part, true.  A recent Gartner report I have read agrees that the average amount of storage installed within businesses has increased by about 45% annually, but at the same time the cost of the raw resource used to manage data storage, per Terabyte has been declining by 35% to 40% per year.

However, there are key questions to ask yourself; are you storing more data because you have to or because the creep of cheaper storage has hidden this growth from you? What is the total cost of data storage to your business, especially the stale older stuff that sits collecting digital dust on a hard drive or tape somewhere?

If you have answered yes to these questions and storing data for risk aversion; then you should be talking about data recovery.  Have the systems, process and policies in place to enable you to be completely backing your data up from your servers, workstations and laptops. As equally important but more critical, check that this data needs to be backed up and that when you need to recover it you can.


Big does not need to be scary, or expensive, or complicated or even big. It just needs to work for you.


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