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Blog: Graeme Gordon nominated for CEO of the Year

6 June 2013

To my fellow technologists…

Graeme Gordon IFB New (2)

I am thrilled to be nominated for the Digital Technology 2013 CEO of the year award, and I’m particularly humbled to be nominated alongside those I consider the best business leaders in the country. In some of the names in this group, Innes, Van der Kuyl, McSween, Murray, some may say; ‘Who?’  But I say these are the people who are helping our country and economy compete on a global digital stage.


Like many others on the list I am perhaps fortunate to be living in a time that the technology we develop and bring to market affects more businesses and people more quickly than any other technological change in history. I know that I am indeed privileged to be leading and shaping IFB, a great wee business with abilities and aspirations already well-established in International markets and with major International clients mainly through the use of our skills and expertise in technology. The opportunities I help create along with the team here are even more important when you consider the challenges being faced in these times of austerity, but we are rising to it and supporting the now and looking firmly to the future.


Significantly the technology we use and support assists us all in perhaps an undervalued way. Grovelling without embarrassment.  Think how many times you have been asked by “friends” to support their three legged bike ride to support a worthy cause that most are unaware of just because they have posted something.


The truth is that without the use of technology, our website, LinkedIn, Twitter or whatever other digital medium you are using to read this, I would have to actually call you all individually to ask you to vote for me. So while unlike some of my other worthy nominees I may not play guitar or piano, or unusually for an Aberdonian the fiddle , I would like to use technology in one of its greatest ways, to efficiently reduce the time taken to conduct a tedious, but I would say necessary task.


Don’t make me phone you

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