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Join IFB’s Tech Talk to find out how technology can make a genuine difference to your business.

13 April 2015

IFB Tech Talks: How can technology make a genuine difference in your business…..and how to convince the boardroom!


Where: Clydesdale Bank Business Centre, Glasgow

When: Tuesday 19th May: 11:30pm – 1pm (Lunch Provided)

We are running a series of workshops to share our experiences with new technologies, new ways digital is impacting businesses and how you can convince those at the top it is worth the investment!

At IFB, we live & breathe technology; from wearables, drones or the latest developments in cloud!  We are always looking out for whats new, what works, what doesn’t, so we can pass it on to our clients, & those who want to be our clients.

Topics to cover:

  • What does the words digital and IT mean for businesses today?
  • New tech – what’s going to impact your business and whats just another fad?
  • How can new tech be implemented in a secure way
  • Plus the opportunity to try out some new technology including Google glass, Oculus Rift and a drone!

Have the options of sitting back with a coffee and a pastry and listen to the discussion or come prepared with a list of questions and discussion points – the decision is yours!

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