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IFB to Provide Access to One of the Fastest Internet Connections in the World to Future-Proof Aberdeen for Next 100 Years

7 January 2015

ICT firm attracts nearly 200 registrations for future-proof fibre Network


Leading internet service provider IFB has today announced that nearly 200 businesses have registered for a dedicated state-of-the-art pure fibre network, known as the Aberdeen CORE. The custom built network will future-proof the city with access to some of the fastest internet connectivity in the world.

The CORE network will deliver 1,000 megabits per second connectivity speed transforming Aberdeen into Scotland’s first Gigabit City.  The purpose-built network will deliver ultra-fast internet connectivity, and will also facilitate faster connection to national and international networks, off-site data backup, hosted voice and cloud access.

Construction of the multi-million pound network is due to begin in February 2015, with the first connections being made in May 2015. The network will initially be built around the city centre, with plans to extend the project to Dyce and Bridge of Don later in the year.

Registered businesses include the oil and gas, financial, education, and retail sectors, and with the roll-out of the network being demand-led, the final network route will be defined by the registrations of interest. Registrations are open throughout the year, but to ensure the network reaches your business it is recommended to sign up prior to network build on

The state-of-the-art pure fibre network is made possible by a collaboration between IFB and CityFibre. Graeme Gordon, CEO of Internet for Business says, “The custom-built network will provide businesses with gigabit connectivity speed which will future-proof the city. To put the speed of the connection into perspective, that could be as much as 100 times faster than some businesses’ existing networks, which means faster downloads, and connections between networks, resulting in improved IT efficiency.

“With Aberdeen being the oil and gas capital of Europe, the city is no stranger to pioneering technological advances, so in many ways it is fitting that Aberdeen will be the first gigabit city in Scotland. The CORE network is of particular significance to Aberdeen, as the city has one of the strongest economies in the UK, accounting for 28% of Scotland’s GDP and is home to 30% of the country’s top 100 businesses. The introduction of the Aberdeen CORE network will provide businesses with a purpose-built network that has the capacity to facilitate growth and allows businesses to maintain the highest performance, efficiency and reliability.”

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