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IFB’s key takeaways from #TTGGT

7 April 2017

#TTGGT - IFB's Key Takeaways

Here are our key takeaways from Skills Development Scotland’s ‘Tackling the Technology Gender Gap Together’ event held in March 2017.

1. Digital Xtra Fund

Shirley-Anne Somerville, Minister for Further Education, Higher Education and Science announced the launch of Scotland’s first digital tech charity – Digital Xtra Fund at the event. The charity aims to provide under 16s with skills in digital technology as well as encourage more girls to take science, technology, and engineering and maths subjects at school. This shows a true dedication to tackling the skills and the gender gap in the industry.

2. Lots of positive activity

There is an amazing amount of activity in Scotland around this subject – Skills Development Scotland, ScotlandIS, Codebase, CodeClan all have initiatives to help bridge this gap and attract more females into STEM subjects in school, further education and into careers in these fields.

3. The shortage is clear and the opportunity massive

750k new digital jobs between now and 2020 in the UK – 10% of the UK workforce will be employed in the digital sector by then.

4. More consultancy needed

Computing, programming and coding will lead this growth along with consultancy – telling us that businesses still need help with what digital is and can do – just behind this is telecoms – we still need the network, wired and mobile security skills.

5. Parents play a huge part too

Informed, educated and active parents play a huge part in bringing new kids into the digital economy.

6. No-one left behind

We also need to be sure to take those people working in none digital roles with us as we move more and more into a digital work.

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