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Maintain momentum, retain standards, reduce costs- no big ask really

1 September 2015

If you know IFB by now then you will appreciate that the “stuff” we do works, if it didn’t then we would have been found out by now and not entering our 20th year of business growth.

Like all successful service companies we only manage to do this through putting the effort in to be attractive to work and deal with, be innovative in how we deliver and support the services we provide and, the bit many forget, be continually relevant to our clients’ needs and market changes.

Keeping it this simple is why we think nearly 1,000 UK businesses continue to use IFB.

One of our main market sectors, Oil and Gas, has just experienced a 50% reduction in the oil price in around 12 months, and it seems that this is not going to get much better any time soon. While here at IFB we are investing, recruiting and growing we are very aware that there will be continued tough times for many out there.


Don’t get me wrong, we know first-hand being right in the middle of this sector that there is and continues to be too much investment not just in hardware and plant but in skills, expertise, knowledge and experience – I suppose human infrastructure –   for the industry to disappear, it will continue to change size and shape though.

We have been a long time component in the UKCS supply chain and we know that tough times call for clear and direct actions, remaining relevant right now and for the foreseeable future is all about efficiency and cost reduction, not the shiny stuff. It’s a cold hard fact that our clients are having to do more with less resources, less people and less cash.

Talking about it is easy, taking tough decisions is, well tough, but what can IFB do to help? My role as CEO is to be as clear as possible about what it is my business can do and make sure we continue to play an active part in the sustainable future of UKCS.

I make no apologies about my directness here, give my team the opportunity to work more closely with you on your ICT needs and we will help you reduce your spend in this area by between 20 and 50%.

At the same time we can improve your efficiencies by a considerable and measurable amount, in some recent cases up to 70%.

We know these numbers might seem like sales chat, they of course are designed to get your attention, but they are achievable and being delivered more of the time across more of the companies we deal with. What’s more they are relevant, for every 200k you spend on like for like ICT services we could help you save 40k, that’s a decent salary by any measure.

The improvements and savings IFB can deliver are not just applicable to our Oil and Gas clients, as a UK operating Cloud Services Company we can do the same regardless of where you are and what business sector you are in.

How do we do this? – Well we provide directly the majority of the ICT services you use, we don’t resell or broker them or indeed make a commission from others by doing so. This means that we directly control the cost of service and by getting to know and understand how you use these right now, probably across several providers, means a sometimes modest change can make a big difference. It’s not about just simply reducing what we charge either, we do see that as being part of the solution and relationship some of the time though.

The real value, the double figure improvements in efficiency and reduction in costs, come through working with you, being innovative in how we mix and flex the services you need to keep your business operating efficiently, not just in the best of times but every bit as importantly in the worst of times.

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