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News: Data Security; the modern business priority

3 December 2013


In the 16th century author and philosopher Sir Francis Bacon is credited with stating ‘Knowledge is Power’ and never has this been more true than in the 21st century when data is the power broker in modern business and communications.

Data is a company’s most precious and sensitive asset therefore ensuring you have an excellent data protection, back up and recovery plan is absolutely imperative.  Gartner predicts that there will be an 800% increase in data over the next five years – an increase in volume, velocity, variety and size – so it’s essential to invest wisely in data protection and review your current provider to ensure you’re guaranteed the high end security which is a prerequisite in modern times.

Lose your data and a company loses its power.  The reputational risks can also cripple a company if sensitive information ends up being circulated widely or falling into the wrong hands. And there’s the legal aspect to consider – every organisation has to ensure all data relating to trades, transactions and accounting practices is auditable and stored for five years.  And businesses affected by the Freedom of Information Act must comply with requests from the general public for information, so data must be accessible at all times yet secure for long durations.

IFB (Internet for Business) works with businesses to offer a full package to ensure data security and enable modern companies to tackle the new data challenges which lie ahead.

Graeme Gordon, CEO of IFB, has seen the focus on data protection rapidly increase in a brief space of time.  “It can’t be stressed how the focus on data protection will simply continue to rise.  We install software on every server, workstation or laptop as required according to a firm’s business needs.  Each piece of equipment connects securely to our backup network hosted within our Data Centre and your data is backed up to disc where it’s held for one month allowing for fast access.   This data is then backed up to tape on a daily basis and retained for 12 months in a certified third party location – basically your back up is even backed up!

“Data is safe and it’s easy for staff to access with confidence – by logging in through IFB’s secure portal data can be easily monitored.  A company always owns its own data but managers are free from the responsibility and cost of investing in expensive backup hardware as a good provider takes this responsibility off their shoulders.

“But as your business grows and develops so will your data requirements.  A quality service data provider will not limit your data storage or surprise you with unexpected bills.  In terms of IFB’s storage allocation it’s clear to see how much storage space you are using allowing you to manage your allocation more efficiently.  IFB will alert you if you reach above your allocation so you can decide whether to increase your capacity or reduce your data volume.  At no point will an unexpected bill hit the deck.”

Whether a company’s a new start or a flourishing business in the process of expanding and growing then it’s time to protect the one thing that makes a company unique – its data.

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