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News: IFB Connects to new Internet Exchange in Scotland

28 October 2013


A new Internet exchange has been launched in Edinburgh today (Monday 28th October) and leading Scottish Internet service provider, Internet for Business (IFB) has said that their clients will benefit from better inter-connections within Scotland.

Currently most of Scotland’s web traffic, including IFB’s, goes through London and back to Scotland, which can slow internet service down. For example, making a connection from Glasgow to Aberdeen will go all the way down to London and back up to Aberdeen. There has been a growing demand for faster internet connection due to continued growth in data flow including video content, social media and use of multiple devices. As members of the London Internet Exchange (LINX), IFB will be able to connect to the new IX Scotland facility which provides better inter-connections within Scotland by allowing them to pass traffic to other local ISP’s.

Graeme Gordon, CEO at IFB says, “An internet exchange in Scotland will enable the management, storage and usage of content from a data centre in Scotland. It will also allow IFB to connect our Internet traffic with other members in the exchange resulting in improved response times. Network congestion and delays will be minimised which will allow us to respond to our client demands and provide the best possible experience.

“Our membership with LINX, which is one of the world’s largest Internet exchange points, allows us to directly connect with some of the world’s major network operators and content providers. This offers our customers real benefits, such as high speed data transfers, improved routing and world class resilience and performance. IX Scotland will allow IFB to keep internet traffic local, which helps to ensure networks are efficient.

“The new exchange is a key component in the path to world class internet connection, and improving the experience of Scottish users.  The Scottish Government’s “World Class 2020” vision is to ensure that Scotland is well placed to take full advantage of the economic, social and environmental opportunities that are offered by the digital age. IXScotland will help to improve the experience of Scottish users, by driving usage and subsequent investment in infrastructure, local content distribution and associated developments of services and applications.”

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