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2 September 2013

The Energy Effect: Forty years of Offshore Europe


This year marks the 40th anniversary of Offshore Europe, arguably the most important energy event in Europe and perhaps the world. I say arguably, as there are of course other events of a similar nature such as ONS and OTS but when it comes to focusing on the expertise, excellence and abilities developed, found and nurtured in the UK and then exported to the rest of the world, OE is to me, a remarkable place. This continued strive for improvement and development is of course coupled with the stretch associated with finding and extracting oil and gas from harder to access parts of the world, not just the North Sea, in smarter manner more efficient with less environmental impact both in the short and long terms.


There is no do doubt that these skills and abilities, process and policies developed in oil and gas has benefited the development of renewable energy from heavy engineering design and manufacture to smart grid delivery and power management. Above the surface, no pun intended, you can see the same skills being used to design, build and maintain offshore installation regardless if they are capturing oil, gas or wind.


This energy effect goes much deeper however. There are hundreds of companies in the service sector who have directly benefited from the success of oil, gas and renewables. This success is more than commercial as to play your part in this supply chain you have to demonstrate, through constant and reliable delivery, that you understand downtime is more expensive than uptime. Crudely this could be a measure of barrels or cubic feet per day but of course also of the systems, connections, data and applications which support the safety and integrity of the entire supply chain which lets this happen.


While we were not around at the start of all of this I am glad to say that IFB has been involved for the last 17 years and we support our clients internationally in this key global industry. A key part of the continued success of the supply chain is to ensure we continue to adapt and develop to support not only further Oil and Gas development but to use the skills and expertise we have to the benefit of the renewables programs now and into the future.


Here is to the next 40 years!


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