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Hosted Voice provides the tools to do flexible working right

Flexibility, seamless integration of fixed and mobile devices, greater control over features and users without the aggravation of maintenance = smarter communication

Stay Connected


Work is increasingly becoming something we do, rather than somewhere we go.  People can work from almost anywhere, as long as they have the tools available to do so.  One of the most important factors for a mobile worker is to be connected.

If your phone system cant handle this request, then you should consider a change!  Hosted Voice is a superior business voice communications, with no need to intall PBX systems at each office, allowing control and flexibility to grow and adapt to change.

Integration: Keeping people connected

It can be a real challenge for businesses to ensure mobile and remote workers are kept in the communication loop and are integrated with decision making internally and with customers and suppliers.

With IFB’s Hosted Voice communication can flow seamlessly between mobile and fixed devices, with one number to reach both.  Plus staff at home or remote office will have exactly the same functionality as head office.

Easy to Manage

Is your current phone system becoming too much of a burden to maintain?  IFB’s Hosted Voice takes away the requirement to maintain and upgrade systems, yet allows you to control it.
Phones arrive pre-configured and can be built with the right level of features to meet your requirements, IFB will monitor all activity and can detect the route cause of any issues very quickly and provide you with real time diagnosis. You can manage numbers, features and call analytics in-house. 

As the numbers can be easily diverted to a different device, in the event of an emergency, phone calls can automatically be diverted and service can be resumed to (almost!) normal.

Embrace Technology to Deliver Results

IFB’s Hosted Voice allows you to create a customised package choosing the features you want and can be adapted to changing business or market needs.

There are no upfront hardware or server costs with IFB’s Hosted Voice. Calls between employees are free and the number of handsets can be increased or decreased quickly and easily.  As the phones are connected to the office LAN, you can use the same network for voice and data.


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