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Make and receive calls simultaneously

IFB’s ISDN packages offer a range of telephony options, depending on your business requirements. ISDN can be used as your principle telephony service or as a backup to VoIP.

Let Communication Flow


Can you afford for your customers to be faced with a busy dialling tone when they try to reach you?

Is it important for your business to be able to make incoming and outgoing calls simultaneously?

Make and receive simultaneous calls over a single line with IFB’s ISDN2 package. ISDN will connect into your telephone system to provide multiple lines. Ideal for small businesses.

ISDN30 has the same principles as ISDN2, but a higher capacity.  8-30 simultaneous calls can be made at any given time – incoming and outgoing.  Features include Direct Dial In and Caller Line Identification.

Ideal for medium-sized or large organisations that have a requirement to make and receive multiple calls simultaneously.

Which telecoms package is the right solution for your business?

  • Unlimited DDI’s (Direct Dial In)
  • Caller Display
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Barring

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