A cost effective way to make calls from anywhere in the world (well, anywhere that you can access the Internet).

Simple Solutions Designed for You

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) allows you to use an Internet connection to make and receive calls. No need for analogue or ISDN and if you use our hosted service there is no requirement for PBX hardware.  

At IFB, we don’t just bolt-on or resell packages. We spend time understanding your needs, then give you easy to understand solutions, that are innovative, flexible and competitive.

IFB provide the following VoIP Services:

Our entry level FeaturePlus VoIP is ideal for home workers and small offices. Using your internet connection (broadband or internet leased line) you can either use a fully featured handset or an analogue adaptor to connect a traditional analogue handset to make and receive calls.

SiP (Session initiation Protocol) Trunking
Works in a similar way to IDSN30, but uses an Internet connection.  VoIP allows IP enabled phone systems to make and receive calls. It is a high-quality voice and data service over one connection, which allows for significant cost savings.

The telephone number exists independently of the telephone location. This can be beneficial if you have a disparate workforce, working from various locations. You can use the same area code, regardless of the location. All calls between sites using the service are free.

What telecoms package is the right solution for your business?

  • Line rationaisation
  • Same connection for voice and data
  • All calls between sites are free
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Phone number independent of location

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