Workplace Recovery,
Plan for the unexpected

It is estimated that 25% of small businesses fail after disaster.* IFB’s Aberdeen-based Workplace Recovery service will keep your business working whatever happens.

In the event of an emergency:
keep working!


Solid communications are at the heart of the majority of businesses today, with many businesses operating round the clock, in different time zones. Having any form of communication drop out simply isn’t an option. 

Having a disaster recovery plan in place, can be a real life saver during a crisis. It gives re-assurance to your business and more importantly, to your customers, that you can deliver, even in the midst of a crisis.

IFB's 52 seat Workplace Recovery Suite based in Aberdeen, can get you back up and running within 4 hours, with access to all your critical IT systems and data. It will provide access to high capacity Internet connectivity, telephone systems, meeting room facilities and car parking, plus your IT systems and data is stored in IFB’s Data Centre.

When combining this service with a mix of IFB's Backup and Recovery, Network and Hosting services, it will allow you to continue to run and operate your business as near to normal as possible within 4 hours.

Want to know more? Visit IFB’s 5 simple tips to a great Workplace Recovery plan.


IFB's Guide to Workplace Recovery:

  • Fully equipped office facility: Back up and running within 4 hours
  • Connected to our Scottish Data Centre
  • Access to all your systems if hosted within our Data Centre
  • Secure and dedicated internet access

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