Delivering faster, reliable and more affordable offshore connectivity

IFB understands that the Offshore Oil and Gas industry in the North Sea, has a constant challenge to deliver high speed, reliable and affordable connectivity to platforms and vessels.

Budgets are constantly under pressure, while users and operations demand more bandwidth for corporate use, crew welfare and increasing amounts of real-time data and application needs.

Satellite has always played an important part in offshore communication, but the technology in terms of speed, latency and costs is not rising to meet the needs of the modern offshore environment.  

As a long-term provider of connectivity to the Energy sectors, IFB understands these problems and has identified the need for better and more affordable offshore communications, especially as an increasing number of everyday activities in the sector are data driven.  

IFB has developed a solution that connects the offshore as if it were onshore

4G LTE base stations have been installed on key offshore installations, strategically placed in the North Sea and connected back to shore via dedicated and highly resilient subsea fibre.

Using this network IFB can offer 4G LTE network connectivity, delivering high capacity, low latency connectivity – connecting your platforms and vessels to the Internet or back to base.

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