Data Backup

Having a safe, up-to-date and accurate copy of your data is a key part of your security operation. Sometimes it is the most assured method of recovering from an exploit or attack.

IFB provides an encrypted backup service which is highly secure, flexible and resilient - designed to help you manage your everyday data protection, compliance and archiving needs and should you need to safely, accurately and quickly recover all or part of your data estate.

  • Easy to manage - Once our software clients are installed, backup is automated.
  • Easy to recover - Securely recover an individual file or your full data estate as and when you need to.
  • Full data estate protection - From mobile end-points to ERP systems, our solution means that all your data is protected.

IFB Data Manangement

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  • Proven Expertise
  • Unified data protection and recovery platform
  • Flexible approach with snapshot and archiving
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Backed up to IFB's high availability Data Centre
  • 24/7 availability with self-service web portal
  • Flexible and scaleable options


How Do You Manage Your Critical Business Data?

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