Seamlessly Connecting Your International Offices

Doing things the long way around is a real pain, especially when it comes to your key data. That's why IFB created our trans North Sea fibre network - connecting Europe's leading energy centres - Aberdeen and Stavanger - without the need to go through London and mainland Europe.

Not only is this saving our client's money through reduced costs on historical services, but it is also increasing efficiencies by transporting their data between locations in an ultrafast 11 milliseconds. That's five times quicker than going through any other ISP, ten times quicker than a blink of an eye. Which makes a massive difference for latency sensitive business needs, such as replication of data between key sites and where you need the speed to move large data fields around quickly and securely.

It also means that IFB can easily and securely provide hosting in our UK Data Centres and also in our partner data centres in Norway and Scandinavia.

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