Security Management

With all this bandwidth and data flying around even faster to and from different locations, you have to be constantly vigilant against threats.

We see this as a key service we can assist you with - where policies, signatures and rules need to be updated and maintained to ensure accessibility, provide protection and to comply with regulations.

    • Device Management - Full lifecycle management of core security devices on your network 24x7x365.
    • Monitoring - Using software, we can collect an analysis of log data to help understand what transpires within your network.
    • Vulnerability Management - Device based scanning finds known weak points in your system before an attacker can exploit them.



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  • Proven Expertise
  • End-to-end control and management
  • Helps enforce your corporate policies
  • Event monitoring and reporting 
  • End-point protection, monitoring and control
  • Supports and adheres to your policies


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