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  • Cloud Services
    Cloud Services

    Almost every day we're bombarded with talk, text and data about the Cloud - what it is and what it can do? But one question that every business should be asking before they include it in their organisation's future strategy is: how can Cloud benefit my business?

  • Backup & Recovery
    Backup & Recovery

    Having the right measures in place to backup business data is a vital part of running a business.

    But what are the right data backup and recovery measures for your business?

    Find out more.

  • Workplace Recovery
    Workplace Recovery

    What if something as simple as the inability to access your office space brings the house of cards down, striking at technology and communications?

    You will need an alternative location to work from.

    Find out about Workplace Recovery.

  • Networks

    Do you require data to be transferred between offices quickly?

    Is stability and speed across your network vital for your business?

    Find out more about IFB Managed Networks.

  • Telecoms

    Being connected to offices, mobile workers, customers and suppliers is key to business success.  IFB have a range of telecoms packages to make sure you get connected and stay connected

     Find the right telecoms package for your organisation.

  • Hosting

    Ensure your business data is safe and secure is as important to us as it is to you.

    Our purpose built, resilient Data Centre has had 100% uptime of core services since launch in 2001.  Want to find out the best hosting package for your business?

  • Connectivity

    Are you an Aberdeen based business who would benefit from Gigabit speed connectivity? 

  • Internet

    Speed check. How fast will we take you?

    Our internet connections are fast, safe and always on.

    Whether you are a SME or a growing company, we have a connection that keeps you online, keeps you safe and is the fastest available. You can take advantage of broadband, SDSL and leased lines.

    You can even buy our broadband packages online.


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