We Are IFB

IFB is committed to maximising and supporting our customers' uptime - we do this by thinking differently when it comes to proactively and reliably managing, securing and moving our customer's data.

Over 22 years, we have built a reputation as a trusted business Platform as a Service provider - offering seamless, high-performing and easy-to-use digital services - improving business efficiency, so our customers can focus on the growth and performance of their organisations.

Focusing on providing the best customer experience we can at every stage of our relationships, means we have a long-term customer base reflecting our core values. It is anchored in the demanding Oil & Gas sector and our top 10 clients have a combined turnover of $45bn, however; we deliver key services well beyond this market, supporting a range of large and smaller organisations UK wide and Internationally.

It's all very well reading about what we do - but how about we come and meet with you, so we can understand more about what we can do for you?

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