Our Purpose

IFB is committed to maximising and supporting its customers' uptime

This means that we make every effort at every stage of our relationship with our customers to make sure the services and activities we deliver and control work as our customers need them to.

When things aren’t quite working as they should or going the way we planned, IFB will apply the same effort to making sure we get things back on track as quickly as we can. 

IFB Purpose



Our Values

We take Pride in delivering exceptional customer experience 

We do this by understanding our customers' needs through being clear and effective in our communications, ensuring what we think the need is, is the actual need. We do this by being pro-active, reliable and accessible in our delivery of all we do and by measuring our success by asking our customers how we have performed.

We are One Team that values and respects each other

We understand and value each other’s skills and contribution so that we treat each other with dignity and respect. It means together we take ownership of our tasks and objectives, are accountable and support each other to deliver what we say we’ll do when we say we’ll do it by.

We encourage Innovative thought 

We thrive on challenge and being disruptive in our market and we pursue and support continuous improvement – in our market proposition, in our operations and in ourselves. We do this to always be relevant and innovative to our customers in moving forward and developing the services they need.

We have Fun getting it done 

We believe that everyone should have fun which helps us all with job satisfaction.  This means we do all we can to enjoy what we do and how we do it and we believe that our customers enjoy working with us. We also believe sharing is caring so we celebrate success and take satisfaction in achieving our objectives.